Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Phuket Climbing New Era.

Phuket Climbing and Art-C House Climbing would like to give a shout out to a special friend, fellow climber and a family man. Who are we talking about? We are talking about the founding father of Phuket Climbing, Rixardo de la Mer. We would like to give a huge THANK YOU for all the hard work that he had done for Phuket Climbing over the years. His tireless work through this blog and the evenings spent bouldering at his house had brought people together who had more in comment than they may have thought. He has been, and still will be the biggest contributor to the Phuket Climbing Community.
Rixardo’s vision was fueled by his passion for rock climbing. It all started small but has grown considerably over the years and it was due to his dedication. If it wasn't for Rixardo, the Phuket climbing community would not be where it is today.
The first climbing facility in Phuket, Art-C House Climbing, shares similar vision and passion. Opening our doors in August 2016, we had a vision. That vision is to welcome more members into our climbing community. We want to make rock climbing into a mainstream sport that everyone can enjoy, have fun doing and can meet new friends with similar interests.  
Art-C house owner, Jak Siam, was looking for something new and interesting for his hotel guests to do. He wanted something more than just another gym facility. He wanted a fun activity that his guests can enjoy. He looked to Phuket Climbing for help and met with Rixardo for ideas. Before long, their plans took shape and structure. If it wasn't for this meeting then Phuket climbing community wouldn't materialized. We now see more and more Thais and foreigners visiting us and wanting to learn about rock climbing. They are finding that climbing is accessible and is an enjoyable activity that is fairly inexpensive.  
Rixardo and his family will be moving on this February to their next adventure in life. We will miss him and his guidance. If you had ever had a chance to climb with Rixardo, then you would know that he is not just a friend but also a coach and someone who will always push you to climb harder. For sure we will meet him again in the future and hopefully we will be climbing as hard as him. Climb on!
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